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ASTM Test Report & California Building Material Listing!

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California Building Material Listing

An extensive list of Vulcan eave and soffit vents have been accepted by the California State Fire Marshal:


For a complete list of listed products, download directly here or open the document.

To verify, you can also find this listing on the

CalFire website: Category 8165.

We use the same active mesh in our eave and soffits as our other vents. All our vents offer the same level of fire protection.

ASTM E2886 / E2886M  Test Report

This test evaluates the effectiveness of a vent to withstand extreme heat and ember intrusion: Vulcan Vent Official Test Report:

Open – Download

More info on ASTM E2886/E2996M

To carry out the ASTM E 2886/E2886M test, we selected Western Fire Center Inc for both flame intrusion and ember intrusion.