Types of Fire Rated Vents

Types of Fire Rated Vents

Soffit Vents and Continuous Soffit Vents

There are numerous types of vents for your home. There are soffit vents, which provide great airflow. Continuous soffit vents are similar but have ventilation holes where there is a solid border on a regular soffit vent. Vulcan Vents makes vents in both of these designs, and they are fire rated (they have passed the testing demanded by the California Building Code 7A and the California State Fire Marshal).

Eave Vents and Gable Vents

Eave vents attach to your home’s attic and allow airflow in. The air then exits through gable vents. The combination of these two vent types is crucial for good circulation in your home’s attic. They are also crucial for keeping your home cooled during times of heat, because without good airflow hot air will build up in your attic and raise the temperature of your house. Vulcan Vents come in the forms of both eave and gable vents, and are completely fire proof. They will resist high temperatures caused by wildfires, and they will block embers from entering your attic. The Vulcan Vent is coated with a patented non-toxic material that will expand when exposed to flames, thus blocking heat from passing through. Most homes that burn during a wildfire are ignited by embers, and the heat-resistant fine mesh of the Vulcan Vent prevents embers from entering.

Dormer Vents

Dormer vents are another type that plays an important role in maintaining good airflow in the attic. Their purpose is much the same as eave vents—which allow air in, while the gable vents let air out—but they are a different shape and design. Vulcan Vent creates dormer vents that possess the same guards against wild fire hazard as all of its other vent products.

Foundation Vents

Foundation vents are vertical vents at the ground level of your home. They can provide ventilation for a home’s cellar, basement, or crawl space. These vents allow the evaporation of moisture from areas that could otherwise become dank and unpleasant. Due to their location, foundation vents are susceptible to embers during an ember attack. The Vulcan Vent’s patented technology and officially tested ember and flame resistance are crucial to the safety of your home during a wildfire. Foundation vents are available in many sizes from Vulcan Vents.

Retrofit Vents

If removing and replacing an old vent is out of the question, for whatever reason, Vulcan Vents makes retrofits that can be placed over the old vent to provide protection against embers and flames. These retrofits are very easy to install and can match a wide range of existing vent shapes and sizes.

Vent Materials

Vulcan Vents come in a number of different construction materials. These include wood, stucco, fiber cement, and more. Vulcan Vents are fire rated and resistant to embers and flames in all construction materials.

Vents are not all that glamorous, but they are essential to a home. They allow airflow to many areas of the home, but they are also susceptible to entry by embers from a wildfire. Be sure to protect your home from ember entry with the Vulcan Vent.

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