The Vent That Protects

A modern desktop browser and recent hardware is required, and a broadband connection is recommended. 

Click the play button on the model to begin interacting.

Directions for using the 3D viewer once it has loaded: 

Left mouse+move=rotate Right mouse+move=pan Middle mouse=zoom in,out

The above 3D models are computationally intensive to display. Older machines will be strained by the requirements. As a result, some machines will display a  lower resolution model. If this happens, consider viewing on a faster computer. You can also view these models in full screen by clicking the opposing arrows button on the bottom right of the player. 

If by rotating/panning/zooming the camera in a way you can’t see the vent anymore, double click anywhere in the player area. The vent will reappear.

Browser and compatibility info (external site)