The Vent That Protects

  • 3.5″x 22″ 3D viewer: VE3522S
  • 3.5″x 14″ 3D viewer: VE3514S
  • 5.5″x 22″ 3D viewer: VE5522S
  • 5.5″x 14″ 3D viewer: VE5514S
  • 7.5″x 14″ 3D viewer: VE7514S
  • 7.5″x 22″ 3D viewer: VE7522S
  • You can tilt, rotate, pan, and zoom. A modern browser and recent hardware is required., and a broadband connection is recommended. 

    Directions for using the 3D viewer once it has loaded: 

    Left mouse+move=rotate Right mouse+move=pan Middle mouse=zoom in,out Report playback issue 

    The above 3D models are computationally intensive to display. Older machines will not run these smoothly, if at all. Opening more than one model at a time may strain your graphics card to the point the vent will not rotate smoothly, resulting in fewer frames per second. You can also view these models in full screen by clicking the opposing arrows button on the bottom right of the player. 

    If by rotating/panning/zooming the camera in a way you can’t see the vent anymore, you can reload the page (F5) to reload the model of the vent.