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A Home’s First Line of Defense from Embers and Wildfire Flames

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A Vulcan Vent
for every vent on the home.

Our flame-resistant vents are designed to provide excellent airflow in the absence of embers, flames, or intense heat. Vulcan Vents can be installed on new construction and retrofit to existing home vents.

Upgrade existing vents to be fire and ember safe with easy installation.

Half-round, low profile, and dormer retrofit kits available.

Available in various dimensions as well as in round configurations.

Available for stucco, wood construction, foam and stucco, or retrofit applications.

Available in various configurations to provide necessary hot air exhaust from attic space.

Available for stucco, wood construction, foam and stucco, or retro-it applications,

Available to easily install mesh screening and honeycomb intumescent coating (sold together) on any vent on the house

Fire-resistant vents
help your home protect itself.

The smallest spaces on a home can be the most vulnerable. Wind-blown embers fly for miles before the actual flames and can enter the home through attic vents or crawlspace vents. Combustible materials have the potential to ignite, essentially burning the home from the inside out.

Approved and recommended
by the ones that matter most.

Vulcan Vents are California Building Code Chapter 7A- compliant and approved by the State Fire Marshal (SFM). In fact, new homes built in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) in California are required to include ember-resistant vents under Ch. 7A. Vulcan Vents have met the standard requirements under the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E2886 and sufficiently passed the ASTM E119 one-hour fire test to effectively block ember entry.

Vulcan Vents are used and trusted by construction companies nationwide for good reason.

What makes Vulcan Vents the #1 fire and ember-safe vent?

How do
fire-safe vents work?

Vulcan Vents are designed for fire protection. A corrosion-resistant mesh screen blocks dangerous embers during ember attacks long before the fire arrives. When a wildfire nears and the vent reaches critical temperature, the intumescent coating on the honeycomb matrix structure expands, creating an insulating barrier from fire and embers.

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