Retrofit Kits
All vents should be fire-safe vents.

Vulcan Vents can be added to all vents in new construction and retrofit kits are available to add to existing vents on a home.

Dormer Vents
Built to protect.

Half-round, low-profile dormer vents to block floating embers from entering the home.

Eave Vents
Providing airflow and blocking embers.

Eaves are dangerous parts of the roof during wildfires. Our fire-safe eave vents provide another layer of defense.

Foundation Vents
Protecting the base of the home.

Foundation vents block embers from being blown under the house.

Continuous Vents
Providing ventilation and protection.

Continuous vents allow for proper ventilation in the attic but close when fire danger is near.

Gable Vents
Blocking exposed areas on the house.

Gable vents block embers as they blow against the house in a fire storm.

Soffit Vents
Allow fresh air in, while blocking embers when it matters most.

Our soffit vents allow for proper ventilation to deter condensation while blocking embers from entering the home.

fire safe retrofitted vent used at winery vineyard structure

Safety comes
with quality products.‚Äč

Our vent frames are industry-standard frames so there is little to no learning curve for installers and contractors. Our goal is to provide people with the vents they need to secure their homes with additional safety against wildfires and give them peace of mind knowing that their home is protected with a product that works!