Foundation Vents

Foundation vents built to protect.

Foundation vents sit at the base of the home just above the ground, providing critical ventilation leading to moisture evaporation in the crawlspace, cellar, or basement. Dangerous embers that travel before a fire can get blown against the home and enter through the vents, potentially causing the home to burn from the inside out.

The vents are the most vulnerable
places in the home.

Fire resistant building materials like fiber cement siding , stucco, and other class A materials do a great job of protecting the outside of your home. Vulcan Vents, protect the inside of your home and every vent counts! Protecting your crawlspace and underneath the foundation is extremely important during a wildfire event. Our vents block embers with a stainless steel ember mesh, and our intumescent honeycomb matrix blocks against heat and flames. The mesh works year round with no activation required and doesn’t need to be replaced after it blocks embers. The intumescent honeycomb does its job as a last line of defense against radiant heat and flames. Protecting your home when you need it most.

Works any building material!

Available flange styles:

  • Stucco Flange
  • Stucco Milcore
  • Foam Back Flange
  • Fiber Cement Flange
  • Flange Front
  • Plater Ground Flange
  • *Custom Flange*

*Some Vulcan Vent foundation vents, eave vents, and soffit vents are in multiple categories because of cross-application capability of certain models.

EverKem Fire Stop 814

Use EverKem Fire Caulking

  1. We recommend using EverKem 814+, intumescent fire caulking with all installation of Vulcan Vents.
    • Our round eave vents are the exception: EverKem 136, mortar based caulking should be used when mounting hardware isn’t an option and flanges are minimal.
  2. INSTALLATION: Prior to installing the vent, run a bead of EverKem behind the nailing flange to ensure an air tight seal where the vent meets the building material. This ensures that no gaps are present between the vent and your building material where flying embers might enter!

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Foundation / Crawlspace Applications: Flange Styles

Flange Front Foundation Vents

Stucco Foundation Vent

Foam Back Foundation Vent

Fiber Cement Foundation Vent

* The above installation diagrams are for general and conceptual, illustration purposes only! For specific installation instructions, please consult a licensed building professional.
vent ventilation

Baffle-free design
for efficient airflow.

Vulcan Vents foundation vents use a baffle-free design to encourage air to circulate freely under floors in the summer. A ventilation system that encourages adequate circulation reduces the risk of mildew, mold, and rot from water condensation under your home.

Vulcan Vents do not use airflow-interrupting baffles, resulting in more venting per square inch for the net free area.

Ember and fire-resistant vents are required under California’s Chapter 7A building codes located in high-risk fire zones otherwise known as the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI). As such, Vulcan Vents are recommended for homes by the California State Fire Marshal (OSFM). 

*Foundation Vulcan Vents available for new construction and in retrofit kits to install on existing vents.

Vulcan Vent

Fire Resistant Retrofits kit - Honeycomb matrix closing technology - built into galvanized steel frame

Vulcan honeycomb matrix  with intumescent technology and stainless steel ember mesh for advanced wildfire defense

Fire Resistant Retrofits kit - Baffle-free design for maximum airflow (NFVA) to keep your home dry

Maximum airflow and maximum “net free vent area” (NFVA). Fewer vents to retro-fit and meet code

Fire Resistant Retrofits kit - Designed to meet the new California Building code State Fire Marshal

Designed to meet the new California Building code State Fire Marshal (OSFM) 12 Chapter 7A of the California Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) fire code program

Fire Resistant Retrofits kit - Passed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E2886

Passed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E2886 to effectively block flames and ember entry

It’s time for your home to protect itself.

Flange Styles

Standard Finishes

G90 Galvanized, Stainless, Copper, Bonderized

Mfg. Part # Description NFVA(square inches) Flange Style Cut Out(inches) Spec. Sheet(download) Sample Image
VFS414FB 4" x 14" FOAM BACK FLANGE SET BACK 1-1/2" 24 Foam Back 3.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS414FC 4" x 14" FIBER CEMENT FLANGE SET BACK 3/8" 24 Fiber Cement 3.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS414FF 4" x 14" FLANGE FRONT 24 Flange Front, Retrofit 3.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS414S 4" x 14" STUCCO SET BACK 3/4" 24 Stucco 3.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS614FB 6" x 14" FOAM BACK FLANGE SET BACK 1-1/2" 41 Foam Back 5.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS614FC 6" x 14" FIBER CEMENT FLANGE SET BACK 3/8" 41 Fiber Cement 5.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS614FF 6" x 14" FLANGE FRONT 41 Flange Front, Retrofit 5.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS614S 6" x 14" STUCCO SET BACK 3/4" 41 Stucco 5.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS814FB 8" x 14" FOAM BACK FLANGE SET BACK 1-1/2" 62 Foam Back 7.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS814FC 8" x 14" FIBER CEMENT FLANGE SET BACK 3/8" 62 Fiber Cement 7.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS814FF 8" x 14" FLANGE FRONT 62 Flange Front, Retrofit 7.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon
VFS814S 8" x 14" STUCCO SET BACK 3/4" 62 Stucco 7.5 X 13.5 download icon view icon

Happy Clients

Susan Oddo
Susan Oddo
We called to find out if the Vulcan vents would meet the California ember retardant standards for fire. Nate Oliver took our call and spent nearly half an hour providing us with in depth information, guiding us through their website to view and discuss each alternative and even taking us to another website to view the Vulcan product on it. He discussed different options for installing the vents and the specific type of caulk we needed that also met the fire-wise requirements. Then he guided us to the section where we could download the documentation for our insurers. We came away from this conversation with exactly what we needed and the documentation to back it up. I can't say enough good things about Nate's customer service. His knowledge was remarkable, his eagerness to ensure that we ordered the exact right vent was so reassuring, and we immediately posted the Vulcan Vent information on our neighborhood Facebook site so that others in our fire-prone area can obtain the right products for their venting needs. If I could give 10 stars I would.
Sandie Hewston
Sandie Hewston
After a few months of having the new Vulcan Vents installed in our eaves, I am extremely impressed with the updated design. The 1/8” fine mesh on the outside prevents insects from getting into the ‘honeycombs’ and the 1/4” mesh on the inside adds coverage from attic side to the ‘honeycombs’ without reducing airflow. The ingenious design allowed plenty of airflow to the attic through this past summer, but if a fire were to come our way, it is comforting to know that these same vents will expand and close off, preventing embers or direct flame from being able to enter the attic. A bonus to the design, as you can see in the picture below, is that the thickness of the vent prevents being able to see into the attic and preventing attic insulation from getting pushed up against the outside screen, which somehow tends to happen whenever access is made to attics. Aesthetically and design-wise, these vents provide a solid home hardening solution that is easy to install. These vents are a must in my opinion for any homeowner who has any plants near their home that could generate significant heat during a wildfire. The combination of the 1/8” mesh and the coating that expands and cuts off all airflow into the attic when exposed to radiant heat are the perfect combination to prevent embers, radiant heat, and direct flame from entering the attic space. My experience with this local company (Loomis, California) is that they have excellent customer service and go above-and-beyond to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the quality of their product.