California Fair Plan Insurance Discounts When Home Hardening

To address the increasing risk of wildfires, the California Fair Plan has recently introduced a proactive initiative aimed at helping homeowners strengthen their properties to mitigate potential fire hazards. Introduced on August 23, 2023, these exclusive discounts are designed to apply across the full spectrum of Dwelling Fire Policies seamlessly. 

Whether you’re getting a new insurance policy, renewing your current one, or making changes to it, you can be sure that these discounts are designed to meet your home hardening requirements. In this blog, we will provide you with the details of the California Fair Plan Insurance Discounts, specifically crafted to strengthen homes against the threat of wildfires.

Understanding California Fair Plan Insurance

This plan is an insurance program designed to provide coverage to homeowners who face challenges obtaining insurance due to high-risk factors such as wildfire exposure. The Fair Plan is accessible to urban and rural California residents and businesses who cannot secure insurance from conventional insurance providers. While it offers essential coverage, homeowners can take additional steps to mitigate risk and qualify for discounts.

Discount Details of California Fair Plan Insurance

CA Fair Plan’s new set of discounts includes a 10% reduction for protecting the structure and a 5% reduction for protecting the immediate surroundings of the dwelling. Homeowners eligible for both discounts can enjoy a combined discount of approximately 14.5%.

To be eligible for these valuable discounts, homeowners are required to ensure that their residences comply with specified home hardening criteria. Properties meeting the qualifying criteria will undergo an inspection to verify eligibility, and discounts may be rescinded if the property does not meet the stipulated requirements.

Discount 1: Protecting the Structure (10% Savings)

This discount depends on reinforcing the essential structure of the property. Eligibility for this discount requires:

Class A Fire-Rated Roof

Materials for a Class A Fire-Rated Roof encompass a range of options, such as fiberglass composition for asphalt shingles, stone, concrete, clay tile, or metal. This diverse selection ensures homeowners have choices that not only suit their aesthetic preferences but also adhere to stringent fire safety standards. Implementing these materials enhances fire resistance, significantly strengthening your property’s protective measures.

Ember and Fire Resistant Vents

When it comes to safeguarding your home against ember intrusion, installing vents is a crucial step. The fire resistant vents act as a formidable barrier, preventing embers from infiltrating your home through vulnerable points like the attic or crawl spaces. Take an additional security measure by utilizing approved wire mesh coverings on vents, effectively enhancing your defense against ember penetration. By integrating these features, you fortify your property with an added layer of protection, ensuring a more resilient and fire-resistant dwelling.

Window and Ventilation Protections

Installing ember-resistant vents and protective measures for windows is another crucial aspect of home hardening. Double-paned windows, tempered glass, and fire-resistant shutters can prevent radiant heat and embers from entering your home. Additionally, multi-paned windows are used for increased protection against heat and embers. Recognizing these enhancements, homeowners can take advantage of discounts by fortifying their properties.

Enclosed Eaves

Beyond the inherent security benefits, adopting enclosed eaves becomes a financially savvy decision. Homeowners prioritizing this mandatory measure can unlock a 10% savings on their overall fire ember protection. This not only makes your home more resilient to the unpredictable nature of wildfires but also ensures that economic advantages accompany your investment in safety.

Discount 2: Protecting the Immediate Surroundings (5% Savings)

This discount emphasizes the importance of securing the immediate surroundings of the property. Eligibility for this discount requires:

Defensible Space

Clear a five-foot zone around the dwelling, including fencing, to prevent ember reach. By doing so, you create a safer environment and signal your commitment to risk reduction, potentially earning valuable discounts from California Fair Plan Insurance.

Clearance of Vegetation 

Ensuring a fire-safe environment around your home is crucial for wildfire prevention. One key measure involves mandatory clearance of vegetation and debris beneath decks. This practice minimizes the risk of embers igniting accumulated materials, providing an essential line of defense against potential wildfires.

Maintenance of an Ember-Resistant Zone

Creating an ember-resistant zone within a five-foot radius of your home is a fundamental step in enhancing its fire resilience. Regular maintenance of this zone involves eliminating flammable materials, such as dry leaves and branches, and adopting ember-resistant landscaping practices. This proactive strategy greatly reduces the chances of embers penetrating your property in the event of a wildfire.

30-Foot Radius of the Dwelling

In order to enhance the resilience of your residence against the potential hazard of wildfires, it is essential to uphold a well-defined perimeter around the dwelling. This necessitates verifying the absence of structures such as outbuildings within a 30-foot radius. By incorporating this precautionary measure, the likelihood of fire propagation is minimized, thereby establishing a secure buffer zone between potential ignition sources and the primary structure.

Conformance to Defensible Space Standards

Adherence to defensible space standards, as outlined in the California Public Resources Code 4291, is essential for comprehensive wildfire preparedness. This involves a holistic approach encompassing tree trimming, brush clearance, and yard debris removal. By following these guidelines, homeowners contribute to creating a defensible space that not only protects their property but also aids firefighting efforts in the event of a wildfire.

How Do You Take Advantage of Discounts on California Fair Plan Insurance?

Aside from the obvious advantage of safeguarding your home against the devastating effects of wildfires, implementing home hardening measures can lead to substantial savings on your California Fair Plan Insurance premiums. Insurance providers recognize and reward homeowners who proactively reduce their risk exposure. 

For homeowners interested in leveraging these discounts and protecting their homes against wildfire risks, reaching out to their insurance broker is essential. Brokers will guide you through the process and ensure your property meets the necessary criteria for eligibility.

Moreover, homeowners can engage with a vent provider for a comprehensive approach to home hardening. This additional step can further enhance the protective measures in place, potentially leading to increased discounts on insurance premiums. 


The California Fair Plan Insurance Discounts for Home Hardening represent a proactive and commendable approach to mitigating the risks associated with wildfires and other natural disasters in the state. By incentivizing homeowners to invest in measures that make their properties more resilient and resistant to potential damage, the program bolsters individual preparedness and contributes to overall community resilience.

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