Property Taxes

Enhancing your property with additional features can significantly increase its appeal and functionality. One popular addition that many homeowners consider is a balcony. Balconies not only increase a property’s aesthetic appeal but also extend living space and can potentially increase its market value.  Significantly, in the Golden State, where the recent inclusion of balcony safety … Read more

SB326 Inspections

California Senate Bill 326 (CA SB326) is essential for ensuring the safety and strength of residential buildings within homeowners’ association (HOA) communities. Enacted on January 1, 2020, this legislation specifically addresses the risks associated with exterior elevated elements (EEE), including balconies, decks, and walkways six feet above ground level and constructed from wood or wood-based … Read more

Fire Vents

As a new homeowner in California, where wildfires pose a frequent threat, it’s essential to be proactive about fire safety. According to CAL FIRE, wildfires have already consumed 99,544 acres in 2024 alone, underscoring the importance of fire-resistant construction. One key element to consider is the proper installation of fire vents.  These specialized vents are … Read more

Home Ignition Zone

Purchasing a home within a Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) presents unique challenges, especially in regions like California, where wildfires are a frequent concern. For those looking to buy homes in these areas, the role of a realtor becomes crucial. As of 2024, California has witnessed 2,325 wildfire incidents, highlighting the increased risks of acquiring property … Read more

California Balcony Inspection

In recent years, significant laws have been enacted to ensure the safety and integrity of balconies in residential buildings. Senate Bill 721, which took effect on January 1, 2019, initiated a series of strict standards for California balcony inspection across various residential buildings. Additionally, building on this foundation, Senate Bill 326, aimed explicitly at condominiums, … Read more

SB721 Inspection Needs Your Property Safety Checklist

If you are living in California, ensuring the safety and compliance of your property’s exterior elevated elements (EEEs), such as balconies, decks, and stairways, is more than just a regulatory requirement—it’s a crucial component of responsible property management. In California, SB721 inspection mandates rigorous inspections to safeguard these structures against potential hazards that could compromise … Read more

How to Install Gable Vents in an Attic? – A Guide!

If you live in an area that’s at high wildfire risk, it’s important to be well-versed in the topic of home hardening. This term refers to a set of specific actions you can take to prevent your home from catching and being damaged or destroyed in the event of a fire. If you’re building a … Read more

  It’s an unfortunate reality that many Americans must be prepared for: Wildfires happen, and they’re only becoming more common in this era of climate change. If you live in what’s known as a WUI (wildland-urban interface) area, your home is potentially at risk of being damaged or even destroyed by an out-of-control wildfire.  In … Read more

vulcan vent

If you live in an area that’s at risk for wildfires, you may have heard about the importance of your home’s vents. While there are many steps you can take to help protect your home from potential wildfire damage, making sure it has the right vents is one of the most important and impactful.  Every … Read more

fire vent

If you live in the West, you are keenly aware of the wildfire risk we face. Wildfires are getting more destructive. They are burning longer and hotter each year as fire season becomes year-round. California’s fire season in 2021 saw 2,568,948 acres burned as a result of 8,835 incidents. Three people lost their lives and … Read more