Top 7 California Wildfire Evacuation Steps For Your Home

california wildfire evacuation

California holds a unique place in the hearts of millions of Americans for its landscape and natural beauty. Living in this beautiful state comes with many benefits, but it also means being prepared for wildfires, which are unfortunately becoming more frequent and destructive. As of the latest update from CAL FIRE, a total of 257,407 acres of land have been affected by wildfires. To help you stay safe & minimize damage, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 California wildfire evacuation steps for your home.

Steps to Follow for Wildfire Evacuation in California

Wildfires can spread rapidly and pose significant risks to both life and property. Here are the steps you should follow for a wildfire evacuation:

Develop a California Wildfire Evacuation Plan

Planning and practicing a family evacuation plan is vital. Here are some considerations:

Emergency Contacts: First things first, make sure that everyone in your family has a list of important numbers to call in the case of an emergency. This list should include people who live far away, like relatives or friends in other parts of California state, who can help coordinate if you get separated.

Emergency Drills: You can conduct regular family drills to practice California wildfire evacuation procedures, including communication and meeting point protocols. This practice can help you reduce confusion and anxiety during a real wildfire emergency.

Monitor Local Conditions & Get Alerts for Your Area

Before wildfire season begins, staying informed about local fire conditions, evacuation orders, and emergency plans in your area is crucial for the safety of your community. Here are some additional details to consider:

Community Meetings: You can attend community meetings or town hall sessions where local fire officials and experts provide you with updates on wildfire preparedness and prevention strategies. This will provide you a chance to ask questions & gain a deeper understanding of the risks in your area.

Online Resources: You can also check online resources provided by local government agencies, fire departments, and environmental organizations. Many of these organizations offer interactive fire maps, real-time updates, and educational materials to help you stay informed about wildfire activity in your region.

Shut Off the Main Gas Supply 

To effectively mitigate the risk of a fire outbreak by wildfire embers, follow these essential steps to shut off the supply of gas at the meter and ensure your safety:

  • You can start by identifying the gas meter in your home. It is generally found near the exterior of your house.
  • To stop the flow of gas at the meter, locate the handwheel and turn it clockwise. This action will close off any main valves connected to the gas supply.
  • Ensure all pilot lights, especially in gas appliances like stoves, water heaters, and furnaces, are turned off. This step is crucial to prevent accidental ignition.
  • Go through your appliances and shut off the individual gas valves. This includes stoves, ovens, dryers, and any other gas-powered devices inside your home or structure.
  • If you have propane cylinders, keep them at a safe distance away from your house. 

Close All Doors & Windows 

To keep your home protected from fire embers, make sure to close all doors and windows. This will stop any flying sparks from getting inside and setting things on fire, which can cause your house to burn down from the inside. To close all doors and windows effectively to safeguard your home from fires, follow these steps:

  • Walk through each room to ensure all doors and windows are closed securely.
  • If your windows have latches, make sure they are fully engaged. This will provide an extra level of protection against drafts and embers.
  • Inspect the seals around doors for any gaps or cracks. If you find any, consider using door sweeps to seal them.
  • Don’t forget about the garage and pet doors; make sure they are closed, too. These openings can be risky when it comes to embers getting inside.

Remove Window Coverings and Flammable Curtains 

You can follow this California wildfire evacuation plan by removing window coverings and flammable curtains to protect your home from the threat of fire embers. Here’s how to go about it:

  • You can start by assessing your home’s curtains and window coverings. Identify materials that are flammable, such as lightweight fabrics or synthetics like polyester.
  • If you discover that your curtains or window coverings are highly flammable, consider replacing them with fire-resistant alternatives.
  • Even if your curtains are not highly flammable, it’s essential to keep them clean and well-maintained. Dust and dirt can make them more susceptible to catching fire.

Turn Off Air Conditioning

In the event of a fire emergency, prioritize your safety above all else. This includes:

  • Quickly locate and engage the “Off” switch on your air conditioning unit or thermostat.
  • Shut off the system to prevent the circulation of smoke and toxic fumes.
  • Evacuate immediately, following established fire escape routes.

Cover & Clean Vents

Covering and cleaning vents can be a helpful measure during a California wildfire evacuation to protect your home. Covering vents prevents embers from entering your home and potentially causing fires inside, while regular cleaning removes accumulated debris, dust, and flammable materials. Here are some steps to cover and clean vents for wildfire preparedness:

  • Use fire-resistant materials such as metal mesh or fire-rated vent covers to seal off attic, eave, and crawl space vents. These materials can help you block embers and smoke while allowing for ventilation. 
  • Regular cleaning of vents can help you remove debris, dust, and flammable materials which can catch fire easily. 


By staying informed, having a plan in place, and being prepared for California wildfire evacuation when necessary, individuals and communities can significantly reduce the potential harm caused by wildfires and ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones. When it comes to wildfire preparedness, having proper ventilation systems in place can be a game-changer. Vulcan Vents is a reputable company that specializes in providing high-quality vents products and installation services. We offer a range of vent solutions designed to protect homes from the effects of wildfires. Contact us today!

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