Foundation Vents

The Vent That Protects

Foundation vents provide critical cooling and ventilation for evaporation of moisture from your crawl space, cellar, or basement. 

Install Vulcan Vents in numerous construction materials: Wood (FF), Stucco (S) as well as with Mil Core (SMC) and Foam Back (FB), Fiber Cement (FC), and more.

Shown: the visible side of a VFS614FF.
VSF614FF, front

The Vulcan Foundation Vent is available for new or retro-fit applications.With intumescent coating that closes at high temperatures and ember catching mesh.

VFS (Vulcan Foundation, Soffit)

VFS414S4 x 1424
VFS414FF4 x 1424
VFS414FB4 x 1424
VFS414FC4 x 1424
VFS414FM4 x 1424
VFS414R4 x 1424
VFS414SMC4 x 1424
VFS614S6 x 1441
VFS614FF6 x 1441
VFS614FB6 x 1441
VFS614FC6 x 1441
VFS614FM6 x 1441
VFS614R6 x 1441
VFS614SMC6 x 1441
VFS814FM8 x 1462
VFS814R8 x 1462
VFS814SMC8 x 1462
VFS814S8 x 1462
VFS814FF8 x 1462
VFS814FB8 x 1462
VFS814FC8 x 1462
Note: Some foundation, eaves and soffits are cross-categorized because of cross-application capability of certain models.

Did you know:

Household vents are known to be vulnerable to ember attacks. The Vulcan Vent was designed with embers in mind! Our foundation vents use a baffle-free design to encourage air to circulate freely under your floors in the summer. This circulation reduces the risk of mildew, mold and rot from water condensation under your structure.

NFVA: Net free ventilation area. This indicates the amount of open ventilation, measured in square inches.

Shown: VSF814FF, Vulcan Vent Foundation
Shown: VFS814FF
VFS814FF, angled 3/4 perspective
Vulcan Eave Vents